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Our offers for cultural and business events, music and city festivals.

Flying flags and kites in an event

The kite itself is barely visible to the viewers, leaving them wondering how is it possible for a huge flag to fly on its‘ own, thus attracting more attention. It can become a highly visible banner in the sky. Due to the unique technology we developed over years, banners of large dimentions can be safely flown in public places, such as parks, city squares and beaches

Trademark in an unique and nature-friendly way

Flying kites-flags is a great opportunity to expose your trademark in an unique and nature-friendly way. People enjoy seeing big and yet lightweight flag flying in the sky and it's exiting to try to figure out the technical solution.
The visibility and recognition is why kites are such a good and effective way to advertise. A flag flying in a 100 meters altitude can be seen in a few kilometers radius.

Laser and video projections in the sky

During nighttime a white flag can serve as a screen in the sky. This technique is probably the first practical method to project images in the sky. We have experience to fly screens up to 800 square meters in the hundreds of meters in altitude over city.
More about flying flags and screens at www.dragonflag.net

Flying of mystical objects in the sky

For some it can be absolutely impressive…

Workshop of wind-tubes

Even if there is no wind with the wind-tube you can try to catch it. 

A present

A respectfull present. From children to presidents...

Kite-flag workshop

Painting on artificial silk flags and flying them together with all the participants. Paint on huge flag (20-100m2) and lift it to the sky to fly. Very impressive acctivity.

Kite workshops

Simple, cute little kites are being made from prepared materials. Everything ready for creating a kite. We have experience of about 20 years of teaching children families and companies

A large flag

We not only fly hudge flags but also know how to make them.

For more information about flying flags and screens please visit our sister website

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